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Always A Good Tidings With Us

At Ideapard, our mission is to enable people to generate income for their business ideas. And we realized this pandemic must have set a lot of these dreams backward and more than ever, people need to kick start their business and dreams.

Our just recently concluded giveaway was aimed at helping people during this pandemic; Covid 19.

We asked people to share their business goal 10,000N can successfully start and it got people rolling in creative ideas that amazed us.

The goal was to give out 10, 000N each to Five people but we ended up giving out 10,000N to Six people because of the great ideas they all shared.

And the great news is, we have started getting feedback on the business ideas and the realization and that; at Ideapard is our biggest joy.

That is not all. We have more good news.

We are currently running two promos at the moment.

1. The first one is #WhatIsYourDreamChallenge. Just as the name of the challenge, we are encouraging people to share their dream ideas with us and we will provide full funding for it.

Yes, you read right! If your dream is great and beautiful, we will fund it 100%

2. The second promo is aimed at promoting, people’s businesses on IG and Facebook. We will occasionally run an advert for them and promote it to their right audience.

Therefore, we are currently encouraging people to sign up on our website, create their business profile, and upload their business pictures.

That is it. With us, there is always a piece of good news and goodwill.

At Ideapard we are committed to helping people realize their dreams and goals by providing funding and connecting them with an investor.

Be a part of us today. Follow us on our social media platforms @Ideapard and also create an account here.

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